2022-2023 CNF Research Accomplishments (RA)

2022-2023 CNF RA Front Cover
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Silicon Nitride Cantilevers for Muscle Myofibril Force Measurements,
High Throughput RF Bio Sensors,
Quartz Cylinder Fabrication for Torque Measurement in the Single-Molecule Level,
Building Microfluidics Devices to Study Zinc Metal Homeostasis in E. coli Communities,
Development of 3D Microfluidic Platform for Dynamic Compression of Tumor Spheroids,
Microfabrication of Sample Holders for Cryogenic Small Angle X-Ray Scattering and Flow Cells for Fluorescence Measurements of Ligand Diffusion in Protein Crystals,
Nanoscribe 3D Printing of Versatile Microfluidic Mixers for Experiments with Biomolecules,
Metasurface-Enhanced Infrared Spectroscopy for the Measurement of Live Cells,
Ultra-Wideband Impedance Spectroscopy of a Live Cell,
Microfluidic Devices for High-Throughput Directed Evolution of Microbes for Rare Earth Element Purifications,
Scalable Continuous Flow Electroporation Platform,
Investigating the Effect of the Tumor Microenvironment on Metastatic Progression Using Micro and Nano-Scale Tools,
Fabrication of a Nanofluidic Fabry-Perot Cavity,
Manipulation of Surface-Tethered Helical Polypeptide-Based Nanostructures with Localized Chemical Functionalities,
Sequence-Defined Polypeptoid CARs for E-Beam and EUV Lithography,
Micro-Etched Sorbent SPMESH Sheets for High Throughput, Trace-Level Analysis of “Smoke Taint” Compounds in Grapes and Wines,
Identifying the Occurrence and Sources of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances in Photolithography Wastewater,
Scalable Defect Engineering in Metal-Organic Frameworks via High-Concentration Self-Assembly Utilizing Pre-Assembled Cluster Precursors,
A Systematic Study of How Different Phases of Niobium Nitride (NbxN) React to Xenon Difluoride (XeF2) Undercut Etch,
Design and Implementation of an AlScN-Based FeMEMS Multiplier for In-Memory Computing Applications,
Fabrication and Manipulation of Micro-Scale Opto-Electrically Transduced Electrodes (MOTEs) for Electrochemical and Neural Activity Measurements,
Cross-Plane Thermal Conductivity of h-BN Thin Films Grown by Pulsed Laser Deposition,
First Demonstration of AlBN/GaN High Electron Mobility Transistors,
Low Contact Resistance Non-Alloyed Contacts to (010) B-Ga2O3 for kV Radio Frequency Applications,
High Frequency Sensors and Actuators for Ultrasonic Imaging and Sensing,
Developing a Passivation-First Recessed T-Gate Procedure for AlN/GaN/AlN HEMTs,
Redistribution Layers on Glass Wafers,
D-Band Filters and Splitters Based on SiC Substrate-Integrated Waveguides,
Electrical Interconnects Based on Delafossite Thin Films,
Etching of Topological Metals for Interconnect,
Palladium Thin Films for Hydrogen-Driven Actuation and Liquid Crystal Sensing in Microrobotics,
In-situ and Ex-situ Si Doping of B-Ga2O3,
The Effect of Nitrogen on the Stability of the B Phase in W Thin Films,
Reactive Ion Etching (RIE) Reveals Biphasic Self-Assembled Mesostructures in Block Copolymer Thin Films,
Low Loss Superconducting LC Resonator for Strong Coupling with Magnons,
Ordering of Liquid Crystals on Photocatalytic Titania Surfaces,
Investigation of Dry Chemical Actuators using Palladium and Palladium-Gold Thin Films,
Auto-Fluorescent Polymer Brushes for Glucose Detection,
Fluorination Effect on Anti-Penetration Performance of Polystyrene-Block-Poly(vinylmethylsiloxane),
Design, Synthesis, and Multiscale Structural Investigation of Polymer-Grafted Nanoparticles (PGNs) for Application in Pyrolysis and Self-Assembly Processes,
Imaging the TaS2 Charge Density Wave Transition in Real-Space with Electron Microscopy,
Photolithographic Patterning of Alignment Fiducials for X-Ray Nano-Diffraction,
Quasi-2D Materials for Ultra-Low Resistance Electrical Interconnects,
Lithography for Topological Nanowires,
Lithography for 2D Materials,
Measuring the Mechanical and Electrical Properties of Ionically Conductive Polymers,
Magnetic-Field Driven By-Stable Switching of Magnetic Cantilevers/Beams via Microscale Magnetic Controls,
Fabrication of Micro Scale Triboelectric Microphone,
Programmable Microscopic Magnetic Self-Assembly,
Periodically Poled Lithium Niobate for Visible Light Generation,
Full-Spectrum Visible Electro-Optic Modulator,
Monolithic Ultrabroadband Multispectral Color Filter Array,
High-Quality-Factor SiN Ring Resonator of 12 GHz Repetition Rate,
Ultrathin Infrared Photonic Devices Based on Semiconductor-Metasurfaces,
HfO2-Based Platform for High Index Contrast Visible and UV Integrated Photonics,
Metamaterial Spectrometer: A Low SWaP, Robust, High Performance Hyperspectral Sensor for Land and Atmospheric Remote Sensing,
Distributed Bragg Reflectors Fabricated by PECVD,
Exchange Bias between van der Waals Materials: Tilted Magnetic States and Field-Free Spin-Orbit-Torque Switching,
Physics of nm-Scale Superconductors and Magnets,
Thermally-Generated Spin Current in the Topological Insulator Bi2Se3,
Fabricating Micron-Sized Skyrmion-Spintronic Devices,
Surface Acoustic Waves in Magnetic Materials,
Nanofabricated Superconducting Devices for Vortex Dynamics and Qubits,
Fabrication of Nanoscale Josephson Junctions for Quantum Coherent Superconducting Circuits,
Interfacial Optical Sensing of Ferroelectricity in Freestanding Perovskite Oxide by Using Monolayer Transition Metal Dichalcogenides,
Mechanically Driven Electron Spins with a Diamond Thin-Film Bulk Acoustic Resonator,
Room Temperature Optically Detected Magnetic Resonance of Single Spins in GaN,
Coherent Acoustic Orbital Control of Diamond NV Center Excited States,
Nanostructure Integrated Silicon Vacancy in 4H-Silicon Carbide,
Exciton Density Waves in Coulomb-Coupled Dual Moiré Lattices,
Gate-Tunable Heavy Fermions in a Moiré Kondo Lattice,
Thin-Film Deposition for Surface Characterization Studies for Superconducting RF Cavity Application,
Lithography for in situ Cryogenic STEM,
Novel Superconducting Microwave Devices from 2D Materials,
Manufacturing TiO2 Pillar Arrays and SiN Bullseye Cavities,
Fabrication of Fluxonium-Like Qubits,
Serpentine Heater Lines,
Characterization of Fluxonium Qubits,
Nanoscribe Advanced Patterning Techniques for Two-Photon 2D and 3D Structures,
Wafer-Scale Fabrication of Single Domain Magnetic Nanostructures,
Electrical Characterization of Dielectric Films,
Nanoimprint Process Optimization for PMMA,
Wafer Scale Piezoelectric Transformers,
Exploring the Relevance of Mucin-Induced Extracellular Vesicles in Therapeutics and Cancer,
Fabrication and Characterization Support for CCMR,
Fabrication and RF Evaluations of 5G Antennas on Flexible Substrates,
Wolfspeed Development of T-Gate Structure by E-Beam Lithography,