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The entire process of setting up a new project can take a week or two to ensure we have all the details and requirements correct. Once we have the particulars of your research needs set, we will put you on the waiting list for orientation and safety training.

The CNF charges an orientation fee for new researchers to participate in our Facility safety training and orientation. This orientation grants the new user the credentials to enter the laboratories and participate in further individual tool trainings. The fee covers the cost of the orientation and all that user's tool trainings in perpetuity as long as they stay attached to a particular affiliation (employer), even if retraining is required after a prolonged absence from lab usage.

Certain instruments may be backed up so access requires precise scheduling. We do our best to get new users on the schedule quickly. Many users can arrive here within two weeks if the laboratory and the specific capabilities are not overbooked. It helps to plan quickly if we can count on rapid interactions.

Upon arrival at CNF, you will be assigned a staff person to mentor your project -- particularly in the early phases. Be prepared for a flexible approach! Many new users change their plan of attack significantly once they arrive and become better acquainted with the facility, its staff, and capabilities.

Both before and during time at the CNF, there is an open weekly tech session to discuss the plan of attack and research needs.

We also offer the option of remote work on your project.

Please remember to acknowledge the CNF in your presentations, posters, and publications! Your acknowledgements of CNF use with our grant number are an important piece of continuing funding for this facility.