Wafer Express Service

CNF now stocks a few commonly-requested thin films which may be ordered in limited quantities for quick turn-around. The process is simple, streamlined and meant to be especially convenient for a number of researchers who want these films.

These three choices are available for express order:

  • 100nm thermal SiO2 grown on 100 mm single-side polished N-doped silicon wafers @ $40 ea. ($200 per unit of 5 wafers)
  • 1µm thermal SiO2 grown on 100mm single-side-polished N-doped silicon wafers @ $50 ea. ($250 per unit of 5 wafers)
  • 100nm thick low-stress LPCVD Si3N4 on 100mm double-side-polished N-doped silicon wafers @ $100 ea. ($500 per unit of 5 wafers)

Wafers may be ordered in units of 5, up to a total of 3 units (15 wafers max) per order. A single order may contain one or more of the choices listed above in any combination up to the 3-unit limit for a single order.

Payment is online via credit card at PayPal. No other method of payment is available for these items. Shipping and handling charges will be added.

Name and contact information of the Principal Investigator and their institution (whether business or educational) will be prompted for during checkout. A first-time Wafer Express order will automatically make the PI a remote CNF user if they were not already a CNF user prior to placing the order.

Other Needs, Restrictions and limitations: Orders must be for research or education purposes only. If none of the three Wafer Express films meet your needs, or if you require greater quantities, you will need to request a custom staff remote furnace run by contacting our staff. Industrial orders also must be requested as CNF staff remote custom furnace runs.

Typical wafer Specs prior to furnace growth/deposition:

  • SEMI standard Prime grade 100mm Silicon
  • N-type (P) doping 1-20 Ohm-cm
  • Single Sided Thickness = 525 µm +/- 25 µm
  • Double Sided Thickness = 400 µm +/- 10 µm

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