International Programs

The ability of a young scientist to function effectively in the global research environment is critical to success, yet few US students are exposed to this environment. While science is universal, the manner in which it is conducted, managed, and communicated is not. To help prepare students for a fully globally aware research career, CNF conducts two different but related summer international research programs.

NNCI iREU-JapanNIMS logo

Since 2008, CNF has directed an international research experience program, giving talented undergraduates (and recent graduates) an advanced international research experience in an international environment. Currently we have a relationship with the National Institute of Materials Science (NIMS) in Tsukuba, Japan. Each year we select six outstanding undergraduates for this program, selected from the pool of prior year participants in the NNCI REU program. To date, eighty-six students have participated in the Japan program.

These students spend 10 weeks in Japan, conducting research at one of the most advanced research facilities in the world. Projects span the range of nanotechnology, from traditional electronic materials to nanobiotechnology. On a technical level, it gives these outstanding students an advanced nanotechnology research experience. Simultaneously and more importantly, they interact with scientists from around the world and develop an understanding of the culture of Japan and the sociology of communication and cooperation in a large multicultural research group. These are important skills which add significantly to their career development.

The NNCI iREU program is restricted to participants in the prior summer NNCI REU programs. Eligible students will be invited to apply.

Global Quantum Leap IRTE program

Global Quantum Leap is a project funded under the NSF AccelNet Program to link international research networks. Global Quantum Leap is a linkage between NNCI and similar networks in Japan and Europe, focusing on the area of materials for quantum IT applications, basically anything you can make a Qubit out of. Network partners complement each other, with some very fabrication oriented and others very computation oriented. IRTE (International Research Training Experiences) is a cohort-based summer research program, with students assigned to fixed projects at network partners.

In 2022, the IRTE program was conducted with a mixed IRTE/iREU cohort in conjunction with NIMS-Japan as described above. For summer 2023, ITRE will have a cohort in Japan at NIMS and a similar cohort in Germany at RWTH-Aachen University. Additional information on IRTE 2023 can be found on the GQL web site.