2022 CNF 45th Anniversary Celebration & Annual Meeting

Eastern Daylights Savings Time


7:30-8:15 AM, Registration & Hot Breakfast Buffet, (Foyer & G10 Biotechnology)

8:15-8:30 AM, CNF Directors' Welcome (G10 Biotechnology Building)
Christopher Kemper Ober, Lester B. Knight Director
Ron Olson, CNF Director of Operations

8:30-8:45 AM, A Selection of CNF 45th Anniversary Shout Outs!

8:45-9:25 AM, Plenary Speaker Dr. Mathieu Foquet, Director at Pacific Biosciences

9:25-9:40 AM, Break

9:40-10:05 AM, Invited Speaker Prof. Sharon Gerecht, Biomedical Engineering, Duke University

10:05-10:30 AM, Invited Speaker Prof. Itai Cohen, Physics Department, Cornell University

10:30-10:55 AM, Invited Speaker Nancy Stoffel, Horizontal Leader-Flexible Hybrid Electronics, GE Global Research

10:55-11:20 AM, Invited Speaker Prof. Abraham Stroock, Smith School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Cornell University

11:20-11:45 AM, Travel Time to Statler for Lunch

11:45-12:45 PM, Lunch (Statler Ballroom)

12:45-1:00 PM, Travel Time Back to Biotech

1:00-1:15 PM, Invited Speaker Emmanuel P. Giannelis, VP Research & Innovation Cornell University, (G10 Biotechnology Building)

1:15-1:40 PM, Invited Speaker Prof. Gregory D. Fuchs, Applied & Engineering Physics, Cornell University

1:40-2:05 PM, Invited Speaker Prof. Robert F. Shepherd, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Cornell University

2:05-2:30 PM, Invited Speaker Dr. Charles Black, Director, Center for Functional Nanomaterials, Brookhaven National Laboratory

2:30-2:55 PM, Invited Speaker Prof. Karan Kartik Mehta, Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Cornell University

2:55-3:20 PM, Invited Speaker Prof. Judy Cha, Materials Science and Engineering, Cornell University

3:20-3:40 PM, Break and bring panel up on stage

3:40-4:30 PM, Panel Discussion; Skill Set and Capabilities Needed for the Next Ten Years

4:30-4:40 PM, CNF Directors' Wrap Up

4:40-5:00 PM, Break for poster session set up

5:00-6:30 PM, Poster Session & Corporate Soiree (Duffield Hall Atrium)

6:30-6:45 PM, CNF User Poster and Nellie Yeh-Poh Lin Whetten Memorial Awards

6:45-7:00 PM, Group Photo in Baum Atrium




Biotech Duffield Statler Parking