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AutoCAD Pattern Data
CATS Pattern Conversion and Proximity Correction Suite
Computer Workstations
Coral SeaBird
File Transfer Share for Tools
GenISys Layout BEAMER - E-beam Pattern Conversion and Proximity Correction
GenISys Layout LAB
Intel Computing Cluster
L-Edit CAD Software
LinkCAD pattern preparation software
Litho Resources
Mobile CNFUsers Site

CV Testing Station
Everbeing 4-Point Probe
Everbeing EB-6 DC Probe Station
Zyvex Nanoprobes for Ultra SEM

E-Beam Lithography Hotplates
E-Beam Lithography Resist Spinners
General Electron Beam Lithography Training
JEOL 6300
JEOL 9500

Acid Etching Tanks
AJA Ion Mill
Anatech Resist Strip
Aura 1000 Resist Strip
Branson Resist Strip
Glen 1000 Resist Strip
Hamatech Hot Piranha
Hamatech Hot SC1/SC2
KOH Etching
Oxford 100 Etcher
Oxford 81 Etcher
Oxford 82 Etcher
Oxford Cobra ICP Etcher
PlasmaTherm Deep Si Etcher
Primaxx Vapor HF Etcher
PT72 Etcher
PT720-740 Etcher
PT770 Etcher
Trion Etcher
Unaxis 770 Deep Si Etcher
Xactix Xenon Difluoride Etcher
YES Asher

General Chemistry Hoods
Toxic Gas System
Verteq Spin Rinse Dryers (SRD)

Boron Doping - D1
Carbon Nanotube/Graphene Furnace
CMOS N+ Polysilicon - D3
CMOS Wet Oxide - E2
General Material Anneal 1 - A1
LPCVD CMOS Nitride - E4
LPCVD Nitride - B4
MOS Clean Anneal 2 - B1
MOS Clean Hoods
MOS Metal Anneal 3 - C1
MOS Metal Anneal 4 - C2
N+/P+ Polysilicon - C4
Phosphorus Doping - D2
TFT Polysilicon - A4
TFT Wet/Dry Oxide - A2
Wet/Dry Oxide - B2

Accurion EP3 Imaging Ellipsometer
Alpha Step 200
Bruker (Veeco) Dektak 6M profilometer
CDE ResMap Resistivity 4-pt Probe
FilMetrics Film Measurement Systems
FleXus Film Stress Measurement
Leitz Film Measurement
Malvern Nano ZS Zetasizer
Malvern NS300 NanoSight
Metricon Model 2010/M Prism Coupler
P10 Profilometer
P7 Profilometer
Rame-Hart-contact-angle goniometer
Schott IR Inspector
Soft materials 4-pt probe (2nd fl.)
VCA Optima Contact Angle
Woollam Spectroscopic Ellipsometer
Zygo Optical Profilometer

Brewer Science 300 mm Hot Plate
Brewer Science 300 mm Spinner
CorSolutions Microfluidic Probe Station
Critical Point Dryer - Leica
Critical Point Dryer - Tousimis
Dicing Saw - DISCO
Dimatix Printer
Hamatech Post CMP Brushcleaner
Hot Press
Ion Implant - Eaton
K&S Gold Ball Bonder
Logitech Orbis CMP
ObJet30 Pro 3D Printer
PDMS Casting Station
Rapid Thermal Processer - AG8108
RTA - AG610
Suss SB8e Substrate Bonder
Versalaser Cutting/Engraving Tool
Westbond 7400A Ultrasonic Wire Bonder

ABM Contact Aligner
ASML 300C DUV Stepper
Autostep i-line Stepper
Edge Bead Removal System
Gamma Automatic Coat-Develop Tool
GCA 5x Stepper
Hamatech-Steag Mask Processors
Hamatech-Steag Wafer Processors
Heidelberg Mask Writer DWL2000
Heidelberg Mask Writer DWL66FS
JBA 1000 Photoresist UV Cure
Karl Suss RC-8
Manual Resist Spinners
Nanoimprint NX-2500
Photolithography Hot Plates
Resist Hot Strip Bath
SU-8 Hotplates
SUEX/ADEX Laminator
Suss MA6-BA6 Contact Aligner
Suss SCIL Imprint
YES Image Reversal Oven
YES Polyimide Bake Oven
YES Vapor Prime Oven

AFM - Veeco Icon
Bruker Energy-dispersive X-ray Spectrometer (EDS)
BX-51 Fluorescence Microscope
Focused Ion Beam - Hitachi FB-2000A
Hitachi S-900
JEOL 9500 Alignment Microscope
Nikon Eclipse L200N and Other Optical Inspection Microscopes
Nikon Microscope Cameras
Olympus Confocal Microscope
SEM Sample Prep Sputtering System
Zeiss Supra SEM
Zeiss Ultra SEM

AJA Sputter Deposition
Arradiance ALD Gemstar-6
CHA Evaporator
Electroplating Hoods
OEM Aluminum Nitride Sputtering System
Oxford ALD FlexAL
Oxford PECVD
Parylene Deposition
PVD75 Sputter Deposition
SC4500 Even-Hour Evaporator
SC4500 Odd-Hour Evaporator

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