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GSI Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition System

Manager: Tom Pennell
Backup: Phil Infante


The load-locked GSI Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) system can conformally deposit a variety of dielectric films as well amorphous silicon on whole 100 and 150 mm diameter wafers. Dual frequency RF power supply allows tuning of the film stress. The deposition temperature can be varied from 200 - 400 °C. Deposition rates range from 100 - 400 nm/min

Processes Available:

  • TEOS based silicon oxide: normal & low stress
  • Silicon oxide
  • Silicon nitride: stoichiometric & low stress
  • Amorphous silicon: doped and undoped
  • Oxynitrides: 1.46 - 2.0 refractive index range
  • TEOS Oxide
  • PSG,BSG, and BPSG

Additional Resources:

GSI PECVD Instructions 02_22_12.docx
Process Data 7_16_10 update.xls
Location of tool in cleanroom (jpg)

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