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Autostep i-line Stepper

GCA Autostep 200 DSW i-line Wafer Stepper

GCA AS200 Wafer Stepper Backup: Michael Skvarla


The Autostep 200 is a production-level 5X reduction wafer exposure tool designed for up to 200mm wafers. All operations are automated, including wafer loading (100mm wafers) and aligning, and reticle loading and aligning (5"). Wafer leveling is used to provide optimum focus range. The focus system uses broadband light and is repeatable to <0.2µm. Overlay is specified as <0.125µm using local alignment; we have seen well below that. All tool calibrations are performed automatically, and the focus system uses elaborate compensation for lens heating and barometric shifts. With N.A. of 0.45 and Sigma of 0.5, the tool is specified for 0.65µm features; we have printed <0.5µm.

Service schedule for the GCA tools is posted at: http://www.cnf.cornell.edu/cnf_maintenancecalendar.html


  • Automatic Wafer Handler (set for 100mm wafers)
  • 200mm Wafer Stage
  • 0.45 N.A. 5X Reduction Tropel Lens
  • 15mm2 Exposure Field
  • Wafer Leveling (including 2
  • Reticle Management System (up to 10 reticles)
  • INSITU Tool Setup
  • Smart Set Metrology Software
  • Interchangable Hand-held Wafer Chucks
  • uDFAS Die-by-Die Alignment

Additional Resources:

Alignment Mark GDS Files
Autostep Operation Manual
AS200 Resist Matrix
Autostep manuals and training notes

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