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Metricon Model 2010/M Prism Coupler

Advanced optical waveguiding measurements

Manager: Jeremy Clark
Backup: Tom Pennell


The Metricon Model 2010/M Prism Coupler utilizes advanced optical waveguiding techniques to rapidly and accurately measure both the thickness and the refractive index/birefringence of dielectric and polymer films as well as refractive index of bulk materials. The 2010/M offers unique advantages over conventional refractometers and instruments based on ellipsometry or spectrophotometry:


  • Completely general - no advanced knowledge of optical properties of film/substrate required
  • No advanced knowledge of optical properties of film/substrate required.
  • Routine index accuracy of ± 0.0005 (accuracy of up to ± 0.0001 available for many applications).
  • Routine index resolution of ± 0.0003 (resolution of up to ± 0.00005 available for many applications).
  • High accuracy index measurement of film or substrate.
  • Rapid (20-second) characterization of thin film or diffused optical waveguides and SPR sensor structures.
  • Simple measurement of index vs. wavelength.
  • Option to waveguide loss.
  • Wide index measurement range (1.0 - 2.4).

Processes Available:


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