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CorSolutions Microfluidic Probe Station

Characterization tool for microfluidic devices

Manager: Beth Rhoades
Backup: Christopher Alpha


This fluidic probe station makes quick, non-permanent, compression connections to microfluidic devices. High precision, programmable pumps can deliver pulse-free flow (0.1-50 microLiters/min) or biomimetic (pulsating) flows in forward and reverse modes. A stereomicroscope (10-63X), camera and digital image capture software can document flow parameters.


  • Connect to any port configuration; also top, side or bottom of chip
  • Connect to any substrate (rigid or soft)
  • Brightfield illumination, magnification 10X - 63X
  • Compatible with any tubing material
  • Flow rate precise between 0.1 - 50 uL/min. (able to go higher or lower)
  • 30 psi pressure limit
  • programmable flow patterns; positive or negative directions
  • two pumps available
  • capture flow rate data, image or movie files

Processes Available:

  • Characterize and prototype microfluidic devices
  • Clean, prepare or functionalize channels with aqueous solutions
  • Measure flow characteristics
  • Document (still images or movies) device function

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