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L-Edit CAD Software

L-Edit Layout Editor software by Tanner EDA

Backup: Karlis Musa


L-Edit is a layout editor for photolithography, electron beam lithography, or dot-matrix printing. It runs on Windows computers in the CNF CAD room, the cleanroom, and 2nd floor labs.

L-Edit is used to design devices and produce intermediate files in an industry-standard format.

For the dot-matrix printer the intermediate format is CIF, and the copy of L-Edit in the dot-matrix printer lab must be used to export the file to CIF format.

For electron beam lithography and photolithography the intermediate file format is GDSII.

Contact managers of each e beam or mask making tool to learn how to convert from GDSII to the native file format for that tool. The e beam tools are the JEOL 6300FS and the JEOL 9300FS. The mask makers are the Mann 3600 optical pattern generator and the Heidelberg DWL66 laser pattern generator.


  • Large, useful manual available from Help menu
  • Boolean and derived layer operations; subtract, grow and shrink on groups of objects
  • Design navigator for easy traversal of design hierarchy
  • Area calculator (in Tools -> Add-Ins)
  • Cross-section viewer to simulate a set of simplified process steps and visualize vertical structure of a device
  • Support for parameterized cells called T-Cells
  • User-programmable interface (UPI) with C/C++ syntax

Additional Resources:

Tanner EDA L-Edit Layout Editor web site

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